JEJUNE: america eats its young
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 RIP 1993-2000
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"Collage art, interviews with cutting-edge writers like Lydia Lunch, political essays, poetry and fiction all presented simply in black and white - JEJUNEís complete lack of pretension and strong content made it a favorite forum for local writers until it ceased publication in 2000... The journal was also known for its fun and wine drenched readings, which featured Ukrainian performance art by the late Igor Tschay, current-affairs debates and conceptual electronic noise art..."

Incarnated in 1993 as JEJUNE: america eats it young, the journal JEJUNE forumed the continuum between plainspeech and speaking in tongues.  Then it got serious.  A creature, the hips of Frank O'Hara, the tanktop of Eileen Myles, the mustache of Jack Hirschman, the feet of Lucille Clifton, the brow of Tom Clark, the bejangled ear of Mina Loy, belly of Berrigan, fist of Rumi holding the flowers of Baudelaire as Mallarme sticks two Creeley fingers up behind the creatures head and Seifert skips a rock across a carp pond while Thomas Merton goes duck hunting with a rubber band gun on the horizon.  You stop reading now and say I Could Do That.
 Gwendolyn Albert, Editrix
Vincent Farnsworth, Managing Editorturer. FOR BACK ISSUES, CONTACT

The journal JEJUNE:america eats its young began life in Oakland, California in 1993 as the homegrown product of poets Gwendolyn Albert and Vincent Farnsworth.  Its nine issues, with the last four produced in the Czech Republic, brought forth poetry, prose, interviews, fiction, works in translation, black and white art and a unique look at the overlap between the English speaking and Central European worlds at the close of the 20th century.